Afghanistan 2011-2012 PDF

On 6 August 2011, a U. Tangi Valley after Taliban fighters were observed exploiting the coalition afghanistan 2011-2012 PDF’ small presence in the area.

French and Afghan National Police forces carried out a three-day sweep of the area after which the area was deemed secure. 14 RPG rounds at the helicopter forcing the crew to abort the mission. After US intelligence services discovered in 2011 that senior Taliban leader Qari Tahir was possibly in Tangi Valley, Wardak province, Afghanistan, local US forces launched a mission to apprehend or neutralize him. As the Rangers approached the target compound, ISR aircraft observed several people leaving the compound. This group grew in number over the course of the night, but US forces were — at first — too preoccupied to engage. Separately, ISR aircraft continued to observe the un-engaged group from the compound. Originally just two people, the group eventually accumulated a total of 9-10 fighters, and the special-operations task-force commander and the Immediate Reaction Force commander became concerned that it might include Qari Tahrir.

At 1am, they decided to engage the group with the SEAL reserves. Aviation Brigade Commander approved a new landing zone for infiltration of the SEAL team. The landing zone had been examined for a previous mission, but had not yet been used. Chinook would approach the landing zone second as a decoy.

Around 2:23, the two helicopters departed the forward base. Meanwhile, the group of Taliban fighters split in twain. Six minutes prior to reaching the landing zone, the empty CH-47D left formation as planned. The helicopter carrying the SEALs proceeded to the landing zone alone, without external lighting.

3 RPG rounds from a two-story building, the second of which struck one of the three aft rotor blades of the helicopter. The resulting explosion destroyed the aft rotor assembly. They reached the crash site at 4:12, and found no survivors. By 16:25 all of the remains were taken from the crash site via ground convoy and transported to Combat Outpost Sayyid Abad. Recovery of wreckage from the crash site lasted until 9 August 2011. Tangi Valley of Wardak Province, was most likely brought down by a rocket-propelled grenade, according to military officials.

A spokesman for the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, confirmed that eight of the movement’s fighters had been killed in the assault on the compound. He said: « They wanted to attack our Mujahideen who were in a house, but our Mujahideen resisted and destroyed a helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade. In the afternoon of 6 August a flash flood swept through the area washing away parts of the wreckage. Early media reports suggested the army had been tardy to recover flight recorders from the downed Chinook, and, as a consequence, the recorders had been swept away by the flood. Subsequent reports stated that on the night the U. 75th Ranger Regiment, another special operations unit engaged in a night raid on a compound to kill or capture a senior Taliban leader.

Other reports alleged that the Taliban had laid an elaborate trap for U. A senior Afghan government official, speaking anonymously, said that Taliban commander Qari Tahir had fed U. The Taliban knew which route the helicopter would take. Navy SEALs from a west-coast based SEAL team. The 32 American deaths represent the greatest loss of U. After the shoot down of Extortion 17, the insurgent responsible used a two-way radio to brag to others about the act.