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4999998,13 -2,0 0,-7 2,0 0,7 z m -1,-8. Seeking Information Attack on the U. Japanese manga series written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando Ayamine. The manga was adapted get Backers T04 PDF an animated television series in 2002.

Les GetBackers retrouvent le stradivarius de la jeune violoniste non-voyante, Otowa Madoka, mais ils ont fort à faire avec les adversaires qui se dressent sur leur chemin : l’immortel Hishiki Ryûdô et les deux frères Kurobe. De nombreuses scènes de combats sont au programme, avec notamment Shido qui révèle ses techniques de “zoomorphie” qui lui permettent de se transformer en animal…

The Studio Deen production aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System from October 5, 2002 until September 20, 2003, for a complete run of 49 episodes. The duo operates a freelance repossession service out of one of the seedier areas of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Lower Town, the Beltline and Babylon City. Lower Town is the lowest in altitude, with several layers extending below ground level. By that time he had few notes about it. Aoki remembers giving many troubles to his editor when he started writing it, but was glad he could finish it. The anime was first licensed in English by ADV Films.

ADV released the English dubbed series in a total of ten DVD volumes from August 24, 2004 to November 1, 2005. English Dub in collaboration with Red Angel Media. English volumes from the manga have also been popular, appearing various times in Diamond Comic’s rankings of best selling graphic novels. Get Backers Complete Season 2 Box Set ». Act 1: Behind the scenes Story ».