Yakari chez les castors PDF

Yakari is a Franco-Belgian comic book series, aimed at a younger audience, written by Job and illustrated by Derib, both from Switzerland. Job yakari chez les castors PDF finished working on Yakari.

The series is now written by Joris Chamblain. Yakari is one of the most well-known Franco-Belgian comics in Europe. Yakari is a young Sioux Native American who has the ability to understand and speak animal languages. During his adventures, he meets all sorts of North American animals. The setting is the North American Great Plains, mainly. Horses have already been introduced by the Spanish, but there is no mentioning of white man whatsoever in the series. In one book, there’s even a mention by an old tribesman that there’s a mystery how the horse came to the land, and that it hasn’t always been there.

The comic shows a very positive view of the culture of the Sioux and depicts them as peaceful people who live in harmony with nature. Sioux boy who does not carry a knife or bow and arrow. A Sioux girl and Yakari’s best friend. She knows of and genuinely admires his special ability, and often accompanies him on his adventures, and learns the ways of healing from Yakari’s mother. Yakari’s village, and one of the first persons to understand that Yakari has a rare gift. He is the oldest and wisest man in the village. In the cartoon, he is known as Wise One.

A Sioux boy and rivaling friend of Yakari’s, who dreams of becoming the greatest hunter. He often wears only a loincloth and despite his age, is possibly the best bowman in Yakari’s village. Slow Caribou: A man from Yakari’s village. As his name points out, he is very slow, always roving about in a half-sleeping pace. In the cartoon, he is called Slow Strider.

Broth Eye: A man from Yakari’s village. He is extremely lazy and unfit, and spends the day lying in front of his tipi and smoking his pipe. In the cartoon, he is called Eyes-Always-Shut, because every time he is seen he is taking a nap, and often someone steps on his belly. At first quite skeptical about his son’s claims that he can talk to animals, he is eventually convinced that his son does indeed have a special gift. Braid Night: Yakari’s mother, who is skilled in healing lore. In the cartoon she is called Midnight Braids. A cruel and arrogant wandering warrior who is obsessed with hunting and bringing down the rarest and most unusual of animals.

He has clashed with Yakari on several occasions and considers him to be his most personal enemy. In the cartoon, he is called Quick Bow. Moon-Spirit: A crone who heals animals. A white-and-black checkered Pinto pony stallion, who is Yakari’s steed and closest friend. He refuses to wear a saddle or reins, so Yakari rides him bareback. Double Teeth: A beaver and artist.

Tilia: A young beaver, practical joker and adventurer. Wild Rose Plant: A beaver, and Tilia’s mother. Rough Bark: A beaver, and Tilia’s father. Thousand Mouths: A beaver and builder. Wood of a Bed: A beaver and a serious sleeper. The Grizzly: Originally a savage rogue bear who terrorized the animals of the Great Plains, he has since learned humility and is now one of Yakari’s friends. Snowball: A young white bear who has suffered the stigma of being different until he makes a friend in Yakari.